why would anyone who admits any kind of rule, if at least self-rule, deny there are archons? only fools.

anyway, the word hierarchy has been kind of disvalued. people associate it with North-Korea. Imperial Japan. and Nazi Germany. but everything in the world has hieararchy. such as your body. the true show of that your body is a hierarchy is that it has vital organs. i.e. that some organs are more vital to its functioning than others. some organs can be removed, while you die if others are merely somewhat damaged. also, there´s a hierarchy of nutrition.2016-05-17 13_01_35-WHO _ Essential Nutrition Actions

the corruption of a the understanding of a concept as basic as hierarchy is just an example of how dumb people have invaded what used to be mostly, almost only, an intellectual playing field—the literary discourse.  (as previously, mostly only intellectuals could read and write.)

every single corporation or business in the world has hierarchy. every single organization or organ has it.

hierarchy, what is properly meant by the word in a social context  is ‘the rule of those who deserve it.‘ now if it is tyrannical, it is a  misarchy, but not a hierarchy.
and that, ‘deserve it thru ability’! so if you happen to be the most adept at calculation in the group. maybe it be best, in a given, i.e. a typified situation, a scenario where you are most likely to do it successfully, rather than anyone else, and the situation is that people rely on you to succeed, maybe it´s best that you do it?

aristocracy btw. means ‘rule of the best.’ nothing else. its purported meaning was ‘rule of those best at creating a situation which is best for everybody’.

it´s however — misappropriated to mean many different things. it´s confused with e.g. ‘plutocracy’, ‘oligarchy’, ‘kleptocracy’, ‘tyranny’. but this is its correct meaning: { Greek aristokratia “government or rule of the best,” from aristos “best” (originally “most fitting,” from PIE *aristo-, superlative form of *ar– “to fit together;” see arm) + kratos “rule”. }

it can be translated as something else. but that´s what it means.


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