we´re seeing an explosion of foodie & bloody cults

nothing new really.

except it´s more mundane & ‘industrial’ than ever.

Soviet propaganda poster.

Dr. Attiyya: The Palestinian woman’s womb is a factory for the conflict; it produces fighting children. After this fighting child is produced, he is taught: “This is your land, this is your country, you will fight for it, stand on it, and die for it.” Therefore, a very important connection exists between motherhood, land, and blood.

[Syrian historian and author Dr. Georgette ‘Attiyya. Syrian TV aired this interview on June 15, 2005.]
2016-05-12 07_21_15-Blood and Soil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In ecology, r/K selection theory relates to the selection of combinations of traits in an organism that trade off between quantity and quality of offspring. The focus upon either increased quantity of offspring at the expense of individual parental investment in r-strategists, or reduced quantity of offspring with a corresponding increased parental investment in K-strategists, varies widely, seemingly to promote success in particular environments.

The terminology of r/K-selection was coined by the ecologists Robert MacArthur and E. O. Wilson based on their work on island biogeography, although the concept of the evolution of life history strategies has a longer history.

[ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R/K_selection_theory ]

Consider the outcrop of dictatorships, only possible when moral growth is in its earliest stages [i.e. lacking], and the prevalence of infantile cults like Communism, Fascism, … Health Crazes, Occultism in nearly all its forms, religions sentimentalised to the point of practical extinction.

3 agrarian societal modes. rebellions from the land. “blut & boden”, tyrannous “workers” & “new farmers” over olde farmers.

Consider sport, the babyish enthusiasms and rages which it excites, whole nations disturbed by disputes between boys.
Consider war, the atrocities which occur daily and leave us unmoved and hardly worried. [Which is a sign of a lack of the right mental development.]
We are children.

[— Aleister Crowley, in «Liber Al Vel Legis», 1904]
Greek Goddess Demeter, the Celestial Corn-Mother
Historically there´s often a reversal of roles. inversions of inversions. mirrors of mirrors.

[ … the Ideal of being in the “Civilization of the Mother”—yes, it itself, as it experiences and acts in the world—(indeed as a world, it as a being that)—] has a birth and a decline, [and] a purely individual finite and evanescent life. [Quite separated from mental clarity], all that is force and manliness thus assumes an obscure, wild, in fact ‘chthonic’ and ‘telluric’ nature. And if ‘telluric’ generally makes one think of seismic phenomena, this association of ideas, to a certain extent, is sound. In the vision of the world in question, virility has for its prototypes divine figures such as Poseidon, also called the ‘earthquaker’, the god of chthonic subterranean and turbulent waters, analogically linked by the ancients to forces of passionality and instinct. More generally, the age or civilisation of the Mother is ‘telluric’, with reference to a sense of destiny, of necessity, of fatal evanescence, of life mixed with death, source of wild and irrepressible impulses
[Evola, 1949]

Nazism, ca. 1930´s.

Such are thus the fundamental features of the ‘Civilisation of the Mother’, characteristic, so to speak, of the pre-Aryan substratum of the ancient Mediterranean world. It was defeated by Apollonian, Dorian and Olympian Greece ; then, and even more completely, by ‘solar’ Rome, jealous guardian of the principle of paternal right and of the ideal of virile spirituality.

However, since things are a process of constant renewal, the varieties of this ‘telluric’ culture manifest themselves again wherever a cycle ends, wherever the heroic tension and the constructive will vanish and decadent and debased forms of life and spirituality start to reappear. [Evola, 1949]

let it be said for information´s sake, that if it´s based on liberty-culling group think, a crude collectivism, it´s not aryan. if it´s against personality, against calm, against sangfroid, it is not aryan.

if it´s pseudointellectual it´s not aryan.

aryans—as a spiritual category—traditionally worshiped fire, as a symbol, and element and a living flame, not grain. air, not earth. thus both aristocrats in (what is now) India, and Norway, burned their peer´s corpses, rather than burying them.

n.b. Hitler wasn´t aryan. not as it was ethically defined as a spirituality, and is in the original scripts.

hardly was Stalin  a humanitarian.

‘aryan’ as a spirituality described in the ancient texts is nothing to do with modern mass movements and is strictly against sentimentality such as anger.

the ancient texts are still here for everyone to see.

such as the Suttanipāta, the Upaadaaparitassanaa Sutta, or:

And what, monks, is wrong mode of livelihood? Trickery, cajolery, insinuating, dissembling, rapacity for gain upon gain…

And what, monks, is the right side of merit that ripens unto cleaving to a new birth? Herein monks, an ariyan disciple, by getting rid of wrong livelihood, earns his living by a right mode of living…

[«Majjhima Nikaya» III, pp. 118-19, composed between 3rd century BCE – 2nd century CE.]

fuck, by now the word has been so claimed by pseudointellectuals from skinheads to soi disant “right wingers” that it´s pretty hopeless to point to its actual thousands of years of certain usage in history which went on uninterrupted until very recently.  who cares. just tell the truth as you know it.


National-Socialism (Nationalsozialismus) is a copycat phenomena. a lame one. it´s an ersatz degeneration. an inversion. a caricature, created by men who were not aryan according to its categorization in ca. 5.000 years of spirituality. nor were they necessarily racially “aryan” either (altho they were “white”). “white race” is itself an extremely recent concept historically, from the 17th century. it´s only recently been turned into a fetish.

„A particular characteristic of the Aryan-ness of the original Buddhist teaching is the absence of those proselytizing manias that exist, almost without exception, in direct proportion to the plebeian and anti-aristocratic character of a belief. An Aryan mind has too much respect for other people, and its sense of its own dignity is too pronounced to allow it to impose its own ideas upon others, even when it knows that its ideas are correct.” [Evola 1943]

blaming the Jews is equally not aryan.

manically proselytizing, such as the Nazis did, to the populous is not aryan.

did Evola have an unnecessarily low view of the feminine?

originary Romans had a more complete view, of which Fascism, Communism & Nazism are, all in their own ways, ersatz degenerations of. i.e. inversions. caricatures.

2016-05-12 05_51_50-Ceres (mythology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia, 2016.

the following image is from a modern religion, or ‘cult’ if you prefer, that is actually based on worship of ‘the mother goddess.’

2016-05-12 06_11_32-Greek Goddess Demeter_ A Journey to the Depths of the Mother-Religion.jpg
a Feminist religion, 2016.

Evola, 1949 again:

Now, what is striking here is the correspondence of many aspects of contemporary civilisation to the civilisation of the Mother. In its external manifestations, this correspondence has already been noticed. “In the streets of Berlin, Paris or London,” as for instance A.Baeumler, a famous National-Socialist scholar, wrote, “all you have to do is to observe for a moment a man or a woman to realise that the cult of Aphrodite is the one before which Zeus and Apollo had to beat a retreat…The present age bears, in fact, all the features of a gynaecocratic age. In a late and decadent civilisation, new temples of Isis and Astarte, of these Asian mother goddesses that were celebrated in orgies and licentiousness, in desperate sinking into sensual pleasure, arise. The fascinating female is the idol of our times, and, with painted lips, she walks through the European cities as she once did through Babylon. And as if she wanted to confirm Bachofen’s profound intuition, the lightly dressed modern ruler of man keeps in leash a dog, the ancient symbol of unlimited sexual promiscuity and infernal forces”. But these analogies can be much further developed.

Modern times are ‘telluric’, not only in their mechanistic and materialistic aspects, but also, and essentially, in several of their ‘vitalist’ aspects, in their various religions of Life, of the Irrational and of Becoming, precise antitheses of any ‘classic’ and ‘Olympian’ conception of the world. To Keyserling, many of the currents of the so-called ‘world revolution’ reveal a ‘telluric’ nature — that is to say irrational, mainly related to forms of courage, self-sacrifice, fervour and dedication without transcendent reference. In many cases, he is right.

2016-05-12 06_24_53-Hammer and sickle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“Farm and worker instruments and tools have long been used as symbols for proletarian struggle. A popular ancestor to the hammer and sickle was a hammer on a ploughm with the same meaning (unity of peasants and workers).” [Wikipedia, 2016] Incidentally Stalin fucked up (betrayed) the peasants pretty soon, causing a famine killing millions. ‘revolution eats its own’ as they say.

‘Homo Sovieticus’ is a sarcastic and critical reference to a category of people with a specific mindset that were allegedly created by the governments of the Soviet bloc. The term was coined by well-known Soviet writer and sociologist Aleksandr Zinovyev as the title of his book of the same name. [1] A similar term in Russian slang is sovok (Совок), which is derived from Soviet but also means scoop.


The idea that the Soviet system would create a new, better kind of person was first postulated by the advocates of the Soviet system; they called it the “New Soviet man”. Homo Sovieticus, however, was a term with negative connotations, invented by opponents to describe what they said was the real result of Soviet policies. In many ways it meant the opposite of the New Soviet man, someone characterized by the following

How these trends were realized differentiated greatly between East-South vs. North-West.

With the advent of democracy, with the proclamation of the ‘immortal principles’ and the ‘rights of man and citizen’ and the subsequent development of these ‘conquests’ in Europe into Marxism and Communism, it is exactly the ‘natural right’, the leveling and anti-aristocratic law of the Mother, that the West has dug up, renouncing any ‘solar’ virile Aryan value and confirming, with the omnipotence so often granted to the collectivist element, the ancient irrelevance of the individual to the ‘telluric’conception. [Evola, 1949]

the grain is central.

Dionysos reappears with modern romanticism : we have here the same love for the formless, the confused, the unlimited, the same promiscuity between sensation and spirit, the same antagonism towards the virile and Apollonian ideal of clarity, form and limit. Can the ‘lunar’ nature of the most widespread type of modern culture possibly be doubted? That is to say culture based on a pale and empty intellectualism, sterile culture separated from life, only capable of criticism, abstract speculation and vain mannered ‘creativity’ : culture that has taken material refinement to the extreme and in which woman and sensuality often become predominant motifs almost to a pathological and obsessive degree. [Evola, 1949]

with a deep study of history it becomes visible that nothing ariyan was about the nazis. ‘ariyan’ is a term from buddhism, far removed from toiling on fields of wheat. the wheat is a reference to the cult of the labourer.

And wherever the woman does not become the new idol of the masses under the modern forms of the movie ‘star’ and of similar fascinating Aphrodisian apparitions, she often asserts her primacy in new ‘Amazonian’ forms. Thus we see the new masculinised sportswoman, the garconne, the woman who devotes herself to the insane development of her own body, betrays her true mission, becomes emancipated and independent to the point of being able to choose the men that she would like to have and use. [Evola, 1949]

an instance of material from a extreme feminist religion, 2016.

“Agriculture in the ancient world was nothing less than intimacy with the Mother Goddess,”38 and these traditions express our previous reverence for this intimacy–“human survival depended on the spontaneous produce of the soil and ancient agriculturalists stood in awe of that life-producing power.  When the hoe or plow entered the womb of the earth and the seed was sown, a new process of creation was initiated, all under the protection of the grain mother.”

Approaching modernity, communal rites performed at stone circles across England and smaller local customs made to honour the land and the gifts that it provided would begin to reflect the the Christian turn towards a Male God-image as being ultimately supreme beyond the Goddess images of Nature.  These words are from an Anglo-Saxon charm spoken, after an offering of baked meal-leaf, kneaded with milk and holy water, had been laid beneath the first furrow prior to spring’s planting, as their steps were made around a field:

Whole be thou Earth, Mother of men. In the lap of the God,

Be thou a-growing, Be filled with fodder, For fare-need of men.

[P. Berger, «The Goddess Obscured», p.66]
2016-05-12 07_36_56-FuchsiaStars® LunarNotes_ ☆♥_♥☆ Poseidon, Ceres ☆♥_♥☆

The association of Deity with vegetative symbolism is found in all cultures and in the most philosophic traditions. The lotus-enthroned Devi of Hinduism is an important parallel here.

The lotus is rich in symbolism. Among other things, it represents the point at which the Divine, or Solar, Radiance touches the waters of First Matter, causing a world to blossom outward. Thus our Mother God standing upon the Lotus is an image of creation.

The corn comes from the earth (rather than the waters) but the symbolism is related. It flourishes at the touch of the Sun, manifesting the rich Solar Gold upon the field of matter.

But the corn also has a special significance beyond that of the lotus. It is symbolic of sacrifice and also of death and resurrection. The corn is cut down by the scythe of death and grows again.

In ancient times, no human activity was merely profane and worldly. The acts by which people sustained earthly life were also rituals by which they sustained spiritual life. The sowing, cultivation and reaping of the corn were sacred rituals, accompanied by chants and with their own initiations sacred to the Greek Goddess Demeter and her counterparts in other regions. The rituals of the temples and sacred places were continuous with the perpetual ritual of life itself – in this case agricultural life.

Many modern Déanists believe that the Mother-and-Daughter religion is most appropriate for Western people in this late Kali Yuga. It is already practised in patriarchalised form – as Christianity – throughout the Western world, and its deepest Western roots still visible to us lie in the cultus of the Greek Goddess Demeter. [from an Archeo-Feminist religion, 2016]

2016-05-12 07_39_51-FuchsiaStars® LunarNotes_ ☆♥_♥☆ Poseidon, Ceres ☆♥_♥☆.png
of course, typically, in the end, those who know always play those who don´t know. or should we say, the clever dominate the strong.

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