pessimism in the Modern era reflects a type of “social/political test”, it is ~all about the Asch Conformity experiment. some (pseudo-)Modernists are pessimstic, because all their friends (the circle they hang out with) are “pessimstic”.

2016-06-09 02_12_46-Facebook

This produces massive amounts of conformity in (pseudo-)Modern circles.

the solution is very simply we need to link “optimism” to the Will the Truth (truth already is a power).

I.e. the few optimists (“dissident leftists”, “dissident conservatives”, “dissident progressives” and “dissident liberals”) must convince the rest of them that their conformist pessimism is completely counter-productive in nature.

If Modernist  forces “realize” that their pessimism is counter-productive to their stated aims of subjugating regressivism, and realize that the “dissident optimists” are right, this would mean humanity will enter the Golden Age/Kingdom of God/Material Human Community.

If not, humanity will annihilate itself…….


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