turn off the light

the trend to extinguish White people is so retarded. that just means that Asians vs. Semites vs. Africans will continue their struggles, once the White peoples are gone. and Racism won´t be gone because xenophobia, physiognomy and genealogy are not exclusively White inventions. they´re simply not — and that is so easy to verify from multiple sources (e.g. ca. any encyclopedia); even nonwestern sources.
the Arabs will probably kill off all the Jews if there would be any left, but Jews would probably get massacred along with the last White people once there are too few Whites to prevent a massacre. Israel might nuke the whole place before tho.


this trend is mostly White people extinguishing themselves through not having a replacement-rate of children, which is caused by Male self-emasculation (playing video games, weekend-partying their whole life, and simply being less and less like adult male fathers).
and China got a whole and India got a whole too, ahead of everybody else! and they´re not gonna think twice about doing whatever they wish with Africa once Whites are gone.
the future looks Asian, unless some trends start to change.

2016-06-14 03_12_22-(1) Guðjón Eiríksson.png

don´t you think shit like this hasn´t happened before in history. except it used to happen more South always. it´s never happened in the root source of the white race before, the North-East (North Norway to South-East Russia). so it´s the worst type of this happening ever in global history, cause the source of the White peoples (the North) is being killed off… well, it´s killing itself off.


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