Nick Land & Sea Power

from Nick Land´s


A topical Churchill quote (and probably his greatest remark):

… every time we have to decide between Europe and the open sea, it is always the open sea we shall choose.


Such a Britain would not only be worth something, it would be worth everything. (But it’s gone.)

A relevant Sailer comment:

In the American mind, land powers are seen as militarist, brooding, and no fun: Sparta, Prussia, the Soviet Union, and now Putin’s Russia. In contrast, sea powers are the good guys, the cool kids: Athens, Holland, England, and America. […] With natural defenses and a high-tech military, sea powers generally didn’t need enormous conscript armies, martial discipline, and centralized economic control. Instead, sea power was conducive to liberty at home and adventure capitalism abroad. [There’s an additional ‘adventure capitalism’ link, which freaked out my antivirus program.]

… and a Dugin recollection.

Artxell Knaphni Reply:

[holipopiloh]: “The actual dynamic at play is competition between marauders and stationary bandits. The main underlying variable is not terrain, but population density.”

[Sailer comment]: “liberty at home and adventure capitalism abroad”

“And note well — Europe has always been the most densely populated area of the Earth; far more so than Latin America or Asia. Latin America, in fact, is almost under- populated compared to Europe.”
Pournelle, Jerry (2011-04-22). A Step Farther Out (Kindle Locations 891-893). Jerry Pournelle. Kindle Edition.

{AK}: What goes under the sign of “adventure capitalism”, is the logistics of marauding.
What goes under the sign of “liberty”, is the freedom to participate in this logistics.

The problem, in a globally interconnected world, is that it becomes increasingly difficult for marauders to maintain the mythologies of a benign exceptionalism, meritoriously deserving of any benefits, advantages, & ‘privileges’ ostensibly accrued. The ‘shedding’ that techncommercial Neoreaction promotes, is precisely that which the other sects of Neoreaction have fallen victim to.
That’s why they’re so eager to maraud again; they don’t really know what else to do; it doesn’t occur to them that they could be talentless clods; too lazy to develop; too evil, insular, & ignorant to even recognise the contradictions of their own plight.


Posted on June 20th, 2016 at 3:10 pm


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