Arcade Theology

it must´ve been none other than Karl Marx who created the, as it were, Theology of Capital. by reversing or “materializing” Hegels´s Theology of History.  yet Marx somehow also Created its opposite: mostly known as Communism. (just like who else but Christ set the tone who´s countertone was and is anti-Christianity.)

Take this to the post 1950 era and you start getting closer to Arcade Theology, of which´s chief transmittors, or at least influencors, can be none other than Nick Land (b. 1962), and William Gibson (b. 1948), along with countless fantasy and sci-fi authors. (but this is thoroughly serious business.) it is fantasy that is the mind of men, and the reason why e.g. in Iceland after the 2008 financial crisis, some bank employees commited suicide: fantasy. namely, Ideal. some cannot, or do not anyway, survive the crash of idols in their lives.

arcade (n.) Look up arcade at Dictionary.com1731 (as arcado, from 1640s), from Italian arcata “arch of a bridge,” from arco “arc,” from Latin arcus (see arc). Applied to passages formed by a succession of arches, avenues of trees, and ultimately to any covered avenue, especially one lined with shops (1731) or amusements; hence arcade game (1977).

it would be errenous not to include Walt Disney (1901–1966) and his imageneers along. (as some other NRx site has already documented: — Walt Disney as a Culture & Community Builder [but we were unable to find the post again thru a quick google].

Nick Land´s web-site Xenosystem´s comment sections often has imput of the sort of this current. overlapping with different music cultures such as mall-pop, elevator music, and of course: Vaporwave.

here´s some of our own theologizing, affilieated with NRx, but which we might call of ITx:


«traditioñ of spontaneous order»


JUNE 17´s


or more in human speak:





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