Neon Royal Atlanticism

Britannia 2.0 Says:

[Nick Land said]{ descent into spittle-flecked vulgarity seems to be a distinguishing characteristic of these ‘higher souls’ }
this is a documented phenomenon. M. Anissimov comes to mind. but as someone who´s been involved with HRx (before it got its name) for ca. 15 years, i have many experiences with the sort, from different places. i think it might be most succinctly summarized (excluding even more briefly ‘loserism’) in Ernst Junger´s saying: “there are always demons around fallen altars.”

simply said, ‘Historical rejects’, since their causes have lost battles, even century after century, even World Wars, the worse of them tend to be extremely sore.

the better of them however, are, genial.

examples are the Spanish losing their masculinity and degeneration into machismo after losing their armada, and not having yet recovered.

or neo-Feudalists or Catho-plebes not having recovered from a Jew, Disraeli, becoming the prime minister of the greatest empire. (greatest in size anyway.)

Fascism was an ersatz imperialism of this historical-reject sort. pseudoroman.

emotionally disturbed people may put on a face of Order (and even manage that for decades, while ultimately) leading all in a downwards spiral to chaos.


Posted on July 1st, 2016 at 9:55 pm

Britannia 2.0 Says:

involved with hrx (before it got its name) for ca. 15 years

pre-MM HRx obviously. altho that´s perhaps more correctly said Rx then.

as for Fascism, it´s Leftist and anti-Reactionary (so far as the ‘Conservative Revolution’ was against it, and e.g. Evola´s).

does Fascism get an xo-nym? Fx? or does it have something already but i don´t know about?

personally, i´ve never viewed myself as a ‘Reactionary’ tho. nor do I now.

thus NRx so far as i´ve adopted, adapted or appropriated it means e.g. New Regal Attraction.
(or more vulgarly ‘New Regal Action’. cf. acting-without-acting. New Regal Axioms.)

i see it as a Mix of Romanity and Luthereanism, and Zionism, but mixed heavy with the wisdom & tech of the Orient.

which brings me really to the British Empire, doesn´t it?

add cyberpunk to the mix, and I say Britannia 2.0

indeed Neon Royal Atlanticism

Posted on July 1st, 2016 at 10:20 pm

Britannia 2.0 Says:

m. anissimov comes to mind.

not that i have anything against the man. perhaps it was unworthy of me to mention it. he certainly has been more, as it were, measurably productive than myself.
i did not however like how he presented Evola´s ideas.
the latter´s most Modern werk is «Ride the Tiger»
and 99% of what is written about it by who
ever is purely offensive. vulgarized.
riding the tiger, as E. meant it,
is the “opposite” of HRx.
and even more the
opposite of

Evola suggested at least as early as 1927 an acceleratio.
that was in «Revolt Against the Modern World».
this is the nec plus ultra of new regal action.

i don´t know why i´d promote it tho.
i hate work myself. i´m a leisure
aristo-brat. a philo-sopher.
meaning i love wisdom.
i don´t like to manage
my accounts. $$$.
but i sure as hell
have ridden
the tiger.

phonies hate me.
but i done the
deeds. acts.
dark tao.



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