vehm gericht

dear Lord von Smallglade,
just now i drove away an American from a community he joined 2011, but had marked his profile as stating his ethnicity is English and that his location is United Kingdom. I simply asked if he wasn´t an American in America, that was all that took for the Jew-obsessed man to cower away, shewing spite towards all the community.
weirdly this man, Jason Thompkins, writes & collects some of the best “Thulean” stuff.
but he errenously mixes it with the ersatz ramblings of a Chilean brown man, about the Brown Fascist Hitler and their insane anti-Semitism.
communities should not be based on lies, nor one’s standing within them.
such houses of cards cannot withstand caustic fire. Ar is Icelandic for
fire‘ — our is of that color — our mind be the color of the sky

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