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I tend to use that mythopoetic analogy for some future use and fiction or the imaginal has a tendency to become reality. 
The petty insults (instead of constructive criticism) can go back and forth all day, I honestly care little about them but they are a waste of energy. If I tend not to respond at every moment, it because I have professional work matters to attend to and these are stressful. I have little time to hang around alt right forums with teenagers, nor play games, which I rarely if ever do. I rarely watch plebeian sports nor do I ever engage in crowd, mass, or auto-suggestive pop culture. More important and immediate matter demand my attention.
The reason I choose the patriarchic Traditional Catholicism (not the modern Vatican 2 version which you have commented on as the great mother) is to ground myself in vigilance against vice or re-lapse into secular indulgences, while keeping my focus towards the godhead, or even apotheoisis. Esoteric Hitlerism or UR-KRYST, is fine, but their adherents over-rely on a vital-ism to get them through their lives while lacking a sense of disciplinary control over their daimons or even striving towards a better nature. If they wish to merge something greater in the future, then we’ll see.
Islam will not take over the West, because Tradition (like cosmic laws which cannot be broken) will return as a consensus and this age of false realities will be over. The Catholic Church doctored by Thomas Aquinas followed the scientific principles of ‘pagans’ Aristotle and Plato, not entirely mosaic law.  
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Date: Sun, Jul 3, 2016 at 5:37 PM
Subject: Re: Green Ray

Has a tendency to become reality indeed.

My stance on the Petrian church of the city of Rome is quite much the same as Evola´s.

As for Serrano, it is some of the best mixed with, as it were, some of the worst. The fact that he describes “the Jew” as all-powerful is a testament to his pseudorational idée fixe. As for Cariou, he has that idée fixe also, and for him it is almost in the way that anything about the world he somehow doesn´t like is somehow Jewish.

What do you mean exactly by saying, Islam will not take over the West, because Tradition  will return as a consensus?

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