the admin of NRX utterly puts one of the communitie´s proles in his place.

admin Reply:

You seem to think kicking of[f]  RaHoWa is going to be easier than pushing forward on a whole range of Exit technologies and strategies. So, be my guest. Of course, I expect the only option the desperate populists will arrive at will be pointless crimes of the Breivik type (which strengthen the enemy).

Faye is expecting the Muslims to move first — in some kind of Jihad-insurrection. That makes sense. Certainly more than the Alt-Right´s “Hey, if we can only be nastier to the muds somehow it will all come out right!”

“Die fighting” (Kek). What exactly does that mean, concretely? Go on, seriously, tell me. All I’ve ever heard is chanting. It’s like a dog barking at a motor-car, pretending that if it wasn’t on the leash it would sort that piece of tin out good. Even more absurdly, NRx gets treated as if it was the leash. “Let us off! Woof, woof! Why are you holding us back?” We’re not holding anyone back, nor could we — go for it. Chase the car. No one’s stopping you.

But unless you’re moronic enough to go full-Breivik, you won’t. Because there’s no freaking plan or anything like one. It’s empty bar-room chest-thumping, and the idea it’s somehow more ‘real’ than what Moldbug has been up to (even prior to Urbit) is a laughable delusion.

ITRX commentary: the proletariat always belongs to FOODIE & BLOODY CULTS and must be kept severely at bay, or pacified through games, media, work, & drugs. as we described on our Facebook, they never perform successful revolutions themselves, but are always lead or directed by elites.


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