frys180 7 points 10 months ago*

This response to a quoted statement really stood out to me.

“I wonder what about his life made him like this?”


Simple. He’s been rejected over and over and over again, but instead of doing the logical thing and examining what he might be doing wrong, he assumes that his lack of romantic success is the fault of women as a whole homogenous group. The main issue with these guys is that they are way too proud and not at all introspective. When women face a lot of romantic rejection, they seem to have an easier time of examining themselves and trying to change things that may be hurting their cause. A lot of men, for whatever reason, reaaaaaaaaaally seem to fucking struggle with this.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. When men fail to attract women, often the first thing they look at is themselves. The Nice Guy is indoctrinated to believe that his behavior is correct in action. If anything, he double-downs on his attempts to impress women by being even more servile. In the Nice Guy’s world, women are angelic beings to be worshiped and adored.

The pre-RP anger phase that comes afterwards is what happens when he goes to all his female friends and BP guy friends for advice, yet continues to fail. Nice Guy now feels trapped. What’s he to do? All he’s been taught is to be obsequious, respectful, courteous, and helpful .

“I don’t get it!!! Why don’t women like me?!? I’m a nice guy with a good job and I’m attentive and courteous! I just don’t get it! They must not like me because they’re shallow. What else could it be?!”

At this point, Nice Guy has two options. Either search for a different solution going against every fabric of social conditioning that’s been instilled in him for the past 20+ years, or try the Nice Guy approach form a “different angle.” There’s an 80% chance he’ll continue to do what he’s doing, and a 20% chance he’ll do everything he was told not to do.


Ugly women on the other hand, tend to do the exact opposite of the Nice Guy. They don’t just blame the man first, they create an entire social movement around it. The reason why women tell other men “Just be yourself. The right woman will love and accept you for who you are.” is because that’s what often works for them. However, when this advice fails for the bottom 20% of women, the first thought to come to their minds is that men must be shallow for not wanting them.

“Why aren’t men accepting me for who I am? Just because I’m (Insert unattractive trait) doesn’t mean I’m ugly! Society needs to change their beauty standards! It’s what’s on the inside that counts! The real me!”

Some women, after going through this phase, will finally look to themselves for possible self-improvement. A lot of women, however, will remain in the blame phase. These are the female cock-blocks at parties, stereotypical feminists, and Desperate4Dick&Attention women.


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