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Nordic Inquisition <>

10:18 PM (1 hour ago)

to Mór, E[], Matt[]

Once it is accepted that the right can never agree about anything, the opportunity arises to luxuriate in the delights of diversity. Libertarianism already rivaled Trotskyism as a source of almost incomprehensibly compact dissensus, but the new Reaction looks set to take internecine micro-factionalism into previously unimagined territories. We might as well enjoy it.

From crypto-fascists, theonomists, and romantic royalists, to jaded classical liberals and hard-core constitutionalists, [not to forget pseudo-Traditional “Traditionalists” — G.] “the reaction” contains an entire ideological cosmos scattered to ashes.

Supposedly “hostility to coercive egalitarianism”— but at least a sense that Western civilization is going to hell — suffices to get you into the club.

Of course almost no one gets into a pseudo-Heathen Conservative Historical Study Club of C[redacted], [Redacted] &c.
Not even brown people. And hardly even they into each other´s egregor.
Only a few homosexual-in-denial crypto-Fascist
boot-lickies from L´Ire.

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