Two of Nick Land´s important ideas [this post is taken from 4chan:]

The first idea is that capital/technology represents a force from the future colonizing ‘garbage time’ (human society and its frame of reference). This impersonal force can be practically delineated from the biological forces inherent to society-ecology but from a sufficiently far enough distance is intrinsic to all self-replicating forces (what the Greeks might call Logos, what NRx might call Gnon). This force (from the human frame of reference, ‘capitalism’) optimizes for intelligence in the long run, and given capital/technology replicates itself through human effort it will eventually displace humans and render them useless in a hyper-capitalist economy which operates only for its own benefit and no longer for human benefit.

The second idea is the potential for AI to emerge to complete this transition to the machine-economy. This links into the Moldbuggian thesis about the necessity for securing power; in essence, we will end up giving power over to AI gradually since it will be more secure for the holders of capital that would even make the decision.

References: [Embed]–%20Circuitries.pdf

another post in the thread:

>>8252872 (OP)
Remind me why we worship him again? I can see the merit in treating his prelapsarian (before he sperged out, went to China and became a cheaper /pol/ iteration of his former self) work as elaborate avant-garde philosophical fiction but even in that and his philosophy [] is fundamentally flawed because it’s built on the assumption singularity will develop and that consciousness is something that accidentally develops as a byproduct of technological and industrial development that may even be ‘accidentally’ instilled by some careless programmers when in reality it cannot come into play without the full initial consent of mankind or one of her prominent factions


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