Nordic impetus <>

1:21 AM (2 hours ago)

to M
playing games again, now an adult, i realize how they replace the, as it were, inner life of man.
i mean, video games. the same with other media. popular media has very much replaced
religion in the First World psyche. psyches of most men have probably always been
split. it´s only the peak of the intellectual grade of men that has anything close
to a whole psyche. it is not problematic that men should get their fantasy
(their mythology) from games, but that they should keep it compart-
mentalized away from, as it were, ‘the real world’. this split
came thru with Christianity. its seperation of ‘the world’
and ‘the spiritual’. while formerly it was united as
one. ultimately it´s a gigantic task to re-con-
nect these divided realms of previously
whole man. and beyond my petty
ego. my lazy and diseased
corpus. but happen it
will. it has always
happened be-
fore. has
it not?

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