Mr. X, said in a thread about the recent (of many) attacks on the French:


Few have been denying racial realities more than the French (and maybe the Swedish but for the Swedish it’s a more recent phenomenon), so I’m not crying a river. The French are fundamentally not racist, even the far right ones. They just wish the hajis would “integrate” and that the Völkerbrei happens quietly, with no waves.

Most of the dead, if you’d have asked yesterday how to solve the Moslem problem in Europe, they would have said “There is no Moslem problem in Europe”. Many of them are simply waiting to find an elegant excuse to submit to Islam (especially the French). People simply don’t have the will. The French are a finished people culturally (and genetically they are quite useless as well, the two go hand in hand).

[By the way, ‘Bastille Day’ is the commemoration of a criminal plebeian revolution that 200 years destroyed the natural Order of things (what the ancient Aryans called the Rta) to replace it by the rule of the merchants and plebeians. So the chicken come home to roost, so to speak. A people who killed its aristocracy and priests has to pay karmically, one way or another.]

You will see – attack after attack, there will be no reaction from the French. They will now just avoid all public gatherings, and a climate of fear will intensify, people will just lower their standards of life, again and again attack after attack. The rate of emigration of the smartest ones will increase, and that’s all what will happen.

The problem is deep in the mind of today’s Europeans. Otherwise, getting rid of the 60 million Moslems currently living here is technically a matter of 6 months – 1 year.

It will always be possible to remove the hajis, even at 1 against 10 (the Waffen-ϟϟ was fighting 1 to 10 against the Russians, and the Russians themselves can remove kebab at 1 to 10, so in reality the ratio to which we can still win is 100 to 1, or let’s be conservative, 50 to 1)

But people’s inertia and indifference will make it that a lot of suffering will occur before this happens.

And since today’s people are so lazy, they could even do it from their laptop, with a joystick – Imagine a facial recognition software coupled with one of these babies :


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