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I don´t advise Sir Yukio Mishima´s or Sir Dominique Venner´s routes. But one wonders if they will not be recognized as Matyrs, after Civilization has been restored.

Quite needless to say, to even mention them along with the Utøya killer shows that one is a mealymouthed pseudointellectual with a rotten Leftist-regressivist heart, as their typologies are so different.

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Now that I´ve pleasurably exposd you, Cryptogenic.

I will enjoy pointing out that you´re attacking neoteny. The chief human trait, aside from sapience.

For more adulterated males, of heterogeneous origin, such as yourself, you typically envy this feature of the North-Atlantics, as shewn by your resentment — excuse me, ‘resentiment’.

▬ ‘Specially marked by cunning, despising their own inheritance in the hope of winning a greater, eager after both gain and dominion, given to imitation of all kinds, holding a certain mean between lavishness and greediness, that is, perhaps uniting, as they certainly did, these two seemingly opposite qualities. Their chief men were specially lavish through their desire of good report. They were, moreover, a race skillful in flattery, given to the study of eloquence, so that the very boys were orators, a race altogether unbridled unless held firmly down by the yoke of justice. They were enduring of toil, hunger, and cold whenever fortune laid it on them, given to hunting and hawking, delighting in the pleasure of horses, and of all the weapons and garb of war.’

he 11th century Benedictine monk and historian, Goffredo Malaterra, characterised the Normans thus.

What of it?


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This is more impressive than I thought.

I re-configure my figuration of

Mr. Manson, excusare me.

Dear Sir, Alex. We´ve

been rectified. ✞

this reminds

us of

Robert J. Matthew´s relatively impressive speech,

sometimes called «10,000 Hearts

Beat as One».


(Robert J. Oppenheimer

makes good



Altho the 14/88 type of Anti-Semitism is

unfortunate. Along with the Agrarianism. Let it be stated,

that Hitler´s was a Bonapartism, Nihilism, Agrarianism, plus (Fascist) Modernismo

& Futurismo. But who knows what happens when Western society crumbles under the

hypocrisy? Will Hitler be viewed as the ultimate baddie in post-cataclysmic West?

Israel, I promise you—will still stand. But will it be forced to nuke the place,

because of Arabs gettin´ greedy for land (Six-Day War) grab again?

«The Atomic Kurukshetra: Overhuman Lightnings against

Atomic Explosions» http://tinyurl.com/huc3ql6

Appear! O Catastrophe God, It won´t be

water, but Fire this time.

And God held the

Rainbow as

a sign.



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