Child of the Korn

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We are all the pop-corn, the children of the corn. Ripe for harvest.

Sifted, sifted, sifted as wheat. But a NEET in his moma´s base-

mentality is hardly someone deserving of anything worse tha-

n he´s all not all ready got. Punishment mania of a demon-

ic Mao is not worthy of a White man. If you harass and

persecute relatively harmless beings, what is it that

you think is that which makes you better than th-

ose whose you are afraid of? Jews or Liberals

or whoever baddies, Muslims. You are trans

fearing your feelings of hopelessness onto

those which you think are to blame for

the situation. That´s a classic prole-

e-tzariat move. Instead of building

up A Operation that would save

you—you say in 10.000 com-

ments: “Someone´s gotta

pay!” Dude, if you want

to overcome brown

people, or Jooz,

then out-prod-

uce them.





albeit nihilistic NEETs, Satan will cominn

eat your ass.




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