pseudo-regal slanderers

here are two factions re : the Pseudos and the Aristos. the Pseudos are using this as a Fashy-Flashy Popularity contest, or to slander those who they (‘secretly’) feel inferior to.

the fomer type of Pseudo is mostly seen on Twitter. while the latter is often seen in the comments to Xenosystems. such as here, recently.

some are burnt-out-nazis or perma-frustrated, or other types of Slaves in the Master-Slave dialectic, trying entryism into NRx to divide it from within (always unsuccessful, such things only work in Demotist politics).

such things are well known to all ‘scene politics’, even before the Internet.

the nazis can always or typically be exposed by how they don´t
understand either Deleuze or Wu-Tang type of speak.
and of course, latent or not-so-latent pathos.



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