‘Elite’ is just something you´re good at.

As for proletariat, i distinguish between that and working class. ‘Proletarii’ means ‘people who contribute only through reproduction’ (some niggers, if you will); cf. the ‘pro’ as in ‘progeny’.

Working class however is those who work. For all of Marx´s genius he was disingenuous about the working class. The working class obviously is not a proletariat since it produces more than merely offspring. Marx started somewhat, identity politics by creating this “you are all working class, proletarii unite!”

A worker is a producer. Meaning he produces anything more than just 20 babies. He may produce a poem, a video game, an app, or rubber tires in a factory. Whatever, ‘work’ isn´t an obscure concept, and neither is ‘works’ from the Bible. Both come from and add to the good of society.

If you are the best in your factory, or make advancing-the-aesthetic-skins for a mod of a 90´s video game, or you run, or even just make good comments on a Right-wing blog, then you are not only working, but are elite. These are works; if done in good faith. With fidelity thou fire up the good. (Even post-Modern fidelity; a la Jungle Music.)
That is to say ‘elite’ is what it is in comparison to other things. Cf. { French élite “selection, choice,” from Old French eslite (12c.), fem. past participle of elire, elisre “pick out, choose”. }

It´s just another word for ‘excel’ or ‘excellent’.

Word-usage is a market too. If one word hits the mark rather than another, it has more situational or operational value.

So saying ‘tropa de elite’ maybe more fluent than saying ‘combat unit of excellence.’
It´s not (for some of us anyway) about ‘fanciness’ as much as it is about information density.

▬{ German nazi was hardly a vote to scapegoat jews it was a lot more complicated.But whether jews fairly win their outsized power is neither here nor their then or now the question is it is healthy for a civilization to have a tiny minority of outsiders running things for their own interests. }

It was a vote, or a buying into and then voting into, propaganda & deed of scapegoating a peaceful (unlike Jihadists) population. Many of the Jews were not ‘outsiders’ but well assimilated (unlike the Jihadists), but Hitlers politic of grievance & pathos made too little of a distinction of that. Guy literally made posters with “[All] Jews = Rats.”

He fucked up bad and heavily. His situatio didn´t call for such a heavy action toward such a diverse & factually peaceful group. Jews weren´t that much of a threat. It was an overestimation from a position of internal weakness & thus blame. Nietzsche predicted this, and Leo Strauss accurately diagnosed this in his 1941 lecture «German Nihilism».

Germany wasn´t filled with negroes (like it now is), it wasn´t dying from race-mixing. In fact the whole of Europe was racially secure and virile. After WW2 it wasn´t.

That´s what you call blow-back.

If you fuck up a Population Op so that you get blow-back you´ve made a huge enemy out of a previously far less threatening group.

It´d have sufficed to buy 1-2 banks, newspapers & movie studios from the Jews after he got state power.

Instead, guy made an internal Pyrrhic victory; and escalated the, as it were ‘alien threat’ by 10 megatons.
Producing is not only producing things in factories for ‘your’ Capitalist owners.
Producing means a whole lot, does it not? One e.g. produces forth
a tract. a commentary. babies. owns own business.
Politics is dead and NRx is mostly
amusing. Pretense.

That is to say, that the real world fact is: if an Actor defeats you in a Situatio.
He has materially Produced that, mostly of his ‘own’ fortes.
There are families which do ars regia upon
the masses. upon you.

Theatre Production.

The world is a Theater of Operations, of Arts.
The Art of Ruling, the Art of War.
This has never changed.
Never will.

Hitler´s was an atavism. It was “Hey the Jews have outdone us [outsmarted actually]. Grrr! We have to pay them money because we signed contracts, and they used money to buy and found banks, media ventures and stores. The evil Jooz! Lets arrest them all, kill them and take their stuff [like barbarians].”

It was a type of Communism. Bolshevism is a Red Fascism. Fascism is a Brown Bolshevism. Much of the ‘Right’ (this actually is not Right, but a Leftism) is calling for another such attempt. No surprise because they´re the out-maneuvered White working class.
Sorry, but that World is gone. It mostly died with/in the Soviet Union. There´s no “report on Iceland” that you asked for, because the situation is not that different from the U.K. or Scandinavia. We just haven´t gone nearly as far into the brown, is the only thing to report.

Elites have never cared that much for the working class (each to his own, and all that). But then they stopped caring about race. It wasn´t a “hey, lets betray the white working class!” No, it was that Anti-Racist factions historically out-produced & out-maneuvered racist ones, so they discredited racial consciousness. And Nationalists just made it much worse, because of forcing a war which made racism be very much equated with losers and nihilist-extremists (yes, Nazism & Leninism are Nihilisms, in that they separated from ca. 3000 years of Western legal and religious tradition).

People tend to say about Adolf poor Hitler, that “he had his reasons.”

It would seem like support of them being so inclined as to not view him as somebody who played right into his ideological opponent´s hands. and in doing so brought on everything he feared and hated to a far greater global influence than it had before. his beloved Germany totally overcome by International Capitalists and Democrats and varieties of forces not especially concerned about some Germanic restoration.

right after Germanic Nationalism was magnified to explosive proportions, and then ultimately mostly terminated in a cleverly played out war & aftermath, was it as opportune as ever for everything the Nazis ever disliked to occupy Germania to a degree never seen before ever in known universal history.

Pornography, “degenerate” music, Feminism, Hollywood, tabloids, recreational drugs, and immigrants.

As for societal Revolutions, they are always orchestrated or co-opted by elites.

Only way you can out-perform another elite is to

become more
elite than it.

This requires an accurate conception of ‘elite’.

There are few good men who do have it.

So it is, in saecula saeculorum.


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