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Holy crap, this video is retarded. I always get the impression that the people who make these videos are jealous underachieving males who can’t woo a woman. If I had more time I’d provide a more in-depth response, but seriously, this guy is literally using Star Wars to prove his point.

ITx commentary:  There is a lot of such types attracted to so-called MRA culture, but then there´s the Traditional configuration of Europe (& Germanic societies) for the past thousands of years: Patriarchy.

I agree that his video could be a lot better, but as someone who is handsome and up to date with modern trends, I don´t have difficulty getting women. However that is not the same as there being a functioning Patriarchy. There is not.

It is indeed interesting, that after women receive increased power things start going to hell — and the historical convergence is, the last decades, the more women get worshiped in society the more brown people get worshiped. (Altho I blame Hitler a lot for that, as discussed in another thread.)

The fact is that the White race is threatened by extinction, but most women have never been as happy (and most are quite excited about the ‘new times’). The same is the case in Japan. 25% of Japanese men over 30 are now virgins, or at least involuntary celibates. When Japan was a patriarchy, it was closer to 1 man 1 woman ratio (married for life); the same in Germanic countries. It was still quite like that in Western Europe when I was growing up in the 90´s.

Now women have no* shame. They feel it is ‘free’ to create troubles for relationships. They don´t want “nice guys.”


I see that you are young, Sawyer. I am 30. I thought the same as you at that age.

After you´ve been in a few relationships, and you are in fact an adult male, and not an emasculated collector of video games, or whatever modern useless* trash (CDs, posters, boyish things), the ‘glory’ of women fades away.

*Useless for survival.

You will see that women concerned with Civilization (what to speak of race) are even more rarer than men. They will vote for sympathy for brown people, enjoy brown people´s ‘vitality’ and ignore the too-high-IQ geek next door.

Sane Men get uninterested, finally, in managing spoiled women.

They see now that there is no reason, for them to have

votes, for democratic-play-on-minds to happen.

Our civilization is at a terminal phase.

It can only be restored with

the right religion.

of the Blood.

of Man.


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