By request of one cyber-philosopher, who´s nym de philosophi is «neovictorian23».

Who informed us in relation to NGE productions: ” Looking for more… ”


For lack of further NGE material, so far; we´d advise you to

1) David Myatt´s, et al., «Order of Nine Angles»
2) Matthew «von Logres» Smallwood´s:
3) Jason Thompkin´s «ArKrystosophy»:
4) Toni Ciapo´s, et al., «Gornahoor»: & «MedTarot»
5) Bruno Cariou´s «Evola as he is»:

We´d like to specially note that Matthew Smallwood is a good man, who is in another league than the others.

He´s not a plagiarist like me. 😀

Nor a post-Nazi.


Signed, in the name of the Black Star

Guðjón Ólafur Eiríksson

ICELAND, xx16.



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