muh mod

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Pseudo-males, with an ersatz spirit, complain about the Jews,
want “White solidarity” (a huge general class that´s never
going to be solid). muh (“White”) Nationalism, pretend
to be NRx. Chads, pseudo-alphas, mockers, jokers,
get stabbed, lose power, derided by the Muslim,
for the better. Vain white man, riteless, spite,
Twitter popus, can´t hold the streets down,
fantasists, mere bulles, to be slayed &
drained, of their blood for the gods.



4 thoughts on “muh mod”

  1. Wonderful. An elegant piece on my feelings also on the current situation: to observe and be quasi-alt-right but with a better perception They hit the nail more accurately than any other section of society because of the diversity of men but go amiss as everything with large numbers does.

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