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As the self-reported Christians banally make fun of Mr. Land here, and by that act not imtating lord Jesus, I see that they advocate Distributionism.

Let´s be real. There´s never been a free as in fair market. Look at J.P. Morgan´s tricks, or that of any ‘robber baron’. Organized crime ruining organized labour or beating it. The Anglo-Semitic Complex, working, as it were, against their own nations or their middle-classes. Not only unrestricted immigrations, but it even seems encouraged immigration chaos and takings-over of even the northernmost hearts of Europe.

Whatever fuck up the Soviet Union was at least it somewhat maintained racial boundaries, and a glorious space race. And then a military-intelligence strongman appeared, schooled in KGB and how to ruin or construct societies, and of course he now goes for the eternal autarchic legacy and the 2.000 year old religion.

Meanwhile our purple-haired foul mouthed women are pushing & pulling as they can to get impregnated by brown babies, with help from our own states; and to prepare a massacre of the last few remaining whites in their homelands when they´ve become such a minority of whites that they won´t be able to withstand an ethnic conflict as seen in Africa.

Something in previous ages held these dhimmitude forces back.

And Islam is pushing forth because it´s a vital and total! worldview that subordinates the merest and driest economy to a totalitarian idea.

I ain´t saying we take up Distributionism.

But I´m saying: Gnon´s histiry says we need a total system to fight another total system.

At least we need to be elite and deploy a total system. A noble lie.

Since we already, most of us, are baptised into the Jewish god through the Bible, I suggest a veritable europeanism (anglo, teuton, christian, jewish, latin), against the brown horde scourge of the scourge.
(Of course the elite transcends the exoteric, as Strauss noted. Inside the Ottoman Empire, those followers of Zevi who had converted to Islam but who secretly continued Jewish observances and Brit Mila became known as the Dönme (Turkish: dönme “convert”)).


Looking at this matter will take many posts, and not wanting to clutter the comments here, I invite Dick Wagner and anyone to correspond with me at one of my blogs, or set up their own blog.

Call it Anarcho-Capitalist Leninism, or Maoist Libertarianism, or a synthesis of Dugin and Land. Simply, Dugin minus the anti-Capitalism & anti-West sentiment.

As if Dugin were the advisor to NATO, not to Putin.

As if Evola had subordinated Mussolini.

As if Hitler had done LSD & E.

& a Cyber-Crowley.




Apocalyptic Fantasies: Nick Land’s Horrorism

At the same time, I don´t see how Mr. Land is fully wrong. The Romans were brutal.

I read a book some years ago which was written by a former SS man who had joined the French Foreign legion after the war. His unit was deployed in Indochina, before the Korean War and before the Vietnam War. This was in the years after WW2 when the West´s conflicts with Communist guerrillas had started. “The Indochina Wars were a series of wars fought in Southeast Asia from 1946 until 1989, between communist Indochinese forces against mainly French, South Vietnamese, American, Cambodian, Laotian and Chinese forces.” These were 3 major Wars which includes more conflicts, apparently. This was a multi-decade Communist hot-zone.

The guerrillas were endlessly clever and savage. And adapted to the tropical (or whatever the formal name is) environment. Small, agile, with nothing to lose and everything to gain. The French regular forces couldn´t handle them. It took the SS-fueled Foreign Legion to actually be able to hold ground and advance in that situation. It took blue-eyed devilry.

It might take the same against ISIS. Adaptive morality wins wars, not—as it were—pure idealism.


The Spiritual Sun


This post was originally published on the now-defunct Theden.tv.

In a post entitled “Islamic Vortex (Note-4)” Nick Land expressed his awe and deep academic admiration for ISIS style barbarism. This whole line of thought connects to Land’s theory of Abstract Horror, as articulated in another post entitled “Reactionary Horror”. Land here identifies two streams of reactionary thought, one (Traditionalism) being “mild and nostalgic”, and the other (Horrorism) being focused on “dissociating ‘the good’ and ‘the future’.” In both of these posts, Land uses the fictional character of Colonel Kurtz as a central metaphor for the Horrorism of the Dark Enlightenment. Kurtz, introduced by Joseph Conrad in “Heart of Darkness” and adapted by Coppola in “Apocalypse Now”, represents an “opportunity for an exploration of Hell.”

The whole Kurtz/Apocalypse Now analysis is based on a misconception: that the U.S.  lost the Vietnam War because a liberal democracy is incapable of using…

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