In general, it seems that true civilizations develop once Aryan, nomadic, “solar”, patriarchal, egalitarian, creative races meet with local, Chtonic, “lunar”, matriarchal, hierarchical races, as it did in India (with the local Dravidian element), in Europe (with the native Alpine and Etruscan elements) and even in China (with the Tocharians “fertilizing” the Chinese culture, brining them the horse and other innovations).

The Aryans have a high sense of organization, morality and of the rule of law, while the Chtonic races have more intuition, art of living and more connection to the earthy, practical side of life. Neither of the two types of races is perfect in itself. It is when they meet that we see brilliant civilizations appearing, it seems.

We notice for instance that when a culture is purely Aryan, there are no sculptures, sophisticated temples, big cities, etc. Only war and commercial trade (the British in the Modern Age are an example of this). The Aryan does not bother with embellishing his surrounding and settings things in stone. He’s always on the move.

When a culture is purely Chtonic on the other hand, then the whole society is based on social status, hierarchy, nepotism and there is little curiosity to expand one’s horizons, to learn from others or to evolve in any way (that’s how most of the world is). There is little space nor incentive for the development of new technologies. People live off the land, or steal from each other (as in the deserts of the Middle East).

When the Aryan element in a civilization gets diluted and fades away, the culture becomes stales and degenerates. Depending on the quality of the racial mixture, it can preserve itself in immobility virtually forever (like China) or it can decay into oblivion under the pressure of inferior blood (like the civilizations of the Middle East did).

The Sumerian, Assyrians, Persians, etc were at least partially Aryan, as per their language, their gods and social structure. Then they got overwhelmed by Semitic/Negroid blood (what we today call “Arab”) and disappeared.

Usually, their remaining Aryan elites moved out and immigrated into the next remaining civilization and bring with them their technical and spiritual knowledge (Babylonian elites moved into Egypt, then when Egypt was sinking, their elites moved into Greece, when Greece sank, their elites moved into Rome, etc.).

China also developed into a civilization once the seed of civilization was planted by small numbers of Aryan pioneers (Tocharians and others). And then they were smart enough to retain most of the useful things over the next thousands of years.

A modern day example of these phenomenon would be places like Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan, where once Aryan law (British Common Law) is implemented among a Chtonic race of good blood (ethnic Chinese) along with a tiny elite of Aryan managers/rulers/advisors, then that particular places flourishes. If you’d remove the Aryan element and Aryan laws, those places would in a few decades return to typical Chinese nepotism, corruption and top-down, hierarchical forms of organization.

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