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Dear Mr. Eiriksson,

you mighk know me as “unknown128” from Nick Lands blog. I am an aspirant of history on a german university and wanted to ask you what is up with Nick Lands blog. Why is the comment section there so weird. Filled with bizzare and arrogant indians who claim Buddhism made the east completly peacefull and the west is an absolute evil while acusing everyone else of “oversimplifying” and “whishfull thinking” and strange right wingers with a primitive aproach of the world and no knowloge of history. Why do you even frequent this blog and what worth do all the people see in it

Is it Nick Lands person that atracts such a bizarre folowing?

I guess it is a good place to yell out emotions though.

Kind Regards



I am interested in you sending me this letter.

I am pleased to meet a Russian. I met a Russian, in France and in Germany, which were friendly to me.

However, to answer your queries:

Knaphni has been commenting on Xenosystems since its inception in 2013, I just by coincidence  noticed before you sent this email. He seems to have grown more hostile recently, or over time. Possibly some of the angry White Nationalists there said something to him and that´s how a seed of ressentiment grew into a flowering. Altho his apparent vices were showing from early on.

I´ve met an Indian on-Line before, who had his being of Southern Origin Theory ill-fated hubris. That was in 2011 on http://www.gornahoor.net/?p=1347&cpage=1#comments There might have been some comment exchanges before this date. Anyway I re-discovered this also by coincidence yesterday. This is also about racism.
He called himself kadambari and it might be Knaphni, the same guy, who knows. I don´t thinko so though, and I do like Mr. Knaphni. I also like the other dude, altho I didn´t do so in 2011.
I show in that old thread from 2011 very extreme deman, e.g. because the guy was trolling in a sense, and showing macho pride for brown people on posts that were relatively Nordic, Roman, Christian, Aryan, White & Western-focused.
I was quite aware that brown people count a far greater number than the White race.
Indians being c. 1,21 billion. Icelanders are ca. 0,0003 billion.
(Discounting nonwhite immigrants.)

kadambari usually you do not get the discussion here, nor do you usually add anything of worth to it. This is not some “civilized” UN forum for cultural-exchange or whatever. This has nothing to do with common xenophobia (I have dwelt in the Global South), but I don’t care about your opinions as some of us are struggling for the survival of our bloodline and thus need to focus. Most users of this website think that the Nordic-Aryans invaded India and brought with them the language that Sanskrit and the Vedas are derived from. This is not debatable for us.
There are numerous posts here that testify to this, for example the latest one. http://www.gornahoor.net/?p=1365

An example of our evidence for this is “The Arctic Home in the Vedas” by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, but we have no need to prove it to you and we do not recognize that you have any special authority on Vedic cultures as an Indian. Most of us do not care about the nation-state India and even view it as a great threat and part of the rising tide of color predicted in the last few centuries (for example in the 1920 “Rising Tide of Color”).

You see, racism has the value of a test, of a reagent, even in its most general formulations. The reactions of this or that person towards the racist idea are a sort of barometer which show us the quality of race which is found in the person in question. To say yes or no to racism is not merely to differ intellectually, it is not something subjective and arbitrary. The one who says yes to racism is the one in whom race still lives: the one who has been internally defeated by the idea of the anti-Race and in whom the original forces have been stifled by ethnic waste, by process of cross-breeding and degeneration, or by a bourgeois, weak, and “intellectual” or hedonistic style of life, or a stale working-class one, which has lost for generations any contact with anything which is really original or originary, opposes it and searches in all directions for alibis in order to justify his aversion and and discredit racism.

It seems to me you fail this test.

I would appreciate if you would not waste our time with a reply but rather leave and not come back unless you somehow discover in your heart that you support the revitalization of men who are akin in body to the type exemplified by for example this ancient statue:

Now through ultra-violet light we can see how the were colored originally:

There are ancient xanthochroid culture remains in every continent, many found in the landmass of non-European nations.

The 789 grams of dried cannabis was buried alongside a light-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian man, likely a shaman of the Gushi culture, near Turpan in northwestern China.

I have this type of skull (orthognathic and leptomorphic dolicho-mesocephalic)! you 4-times-saying-goodbye spamming retard. I am a Nordid. http://www.theapricity.com/snpa/rg-main.htm

My people lost your land-area ages ago; you only live in the putrefaction of the remains of the language and culture they brought from the North. Now this land-area, you know as ‘India’, may as well sink into the sea.

May you be reminded always that whenever you see the name Evola here this is what he thinks of your ‘rise’: the superior Western Races have been agonising for many centuries and that the increasing world population has the same meaning as the swarming of worms on a decomposing organism or as the spreading of cancerous cells [. “Revolt Against the Modern World” p. 167]

I only need to say bye once, and so I have done it; you I’m sure will continue to pollute the this site with your swarthy sentimental imagination.

It´s a very common mode, to be a sore loser and to want revenge. Third-Worldism like other Communism, one might say, is ressentiment made politics. Some, as it were, justified, most of it not.
A type of Leftism that is ressentiment made politics is Nazism, and I wasn´t as free from the root of that current, that pathos, as I seem to be in more recent years (altho increasingly freer since my teens).
They´ve started to call the depth of this current, if ethnicity is added: ethno-Bolshevism.
Many have noted that the similarities between Sovietism and Nazism are great.
Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler all inspired each other. All collectivism, but Evola especially linked Hitlerism with the concept of Bonapartism. Apparently Trotsky did too.
I am a center right myself, so I wouldn´t wanna advocate pseudo-Darwinistic Capitalism either. I don´t want labour working 14-16 hours per day in poor health conditions, with children and pregnant women working factories for lesser pay than men if they have measurably the same output in that particular job (certain position in a factory, e.g.).
Neither am I involved in the solipso-autism that monarchy just because it is monarchy is better. It were White Christian Monarchist Europeans, “the peak of civilization” that sacked Constantinople, and genocided parts of France, ex cathedra.
Not that I have a pity or a sorrow for this, except that these were sub-intellectual acts of hubris & savagery. As was the burning of people alive on stakes, such as the burning alive of the men of The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (aka “Knights Templar”), and the burning alive and centurie-spanning persecution of humble European men and women for knowing traditional herbal craft which posed a threat to the power of the Satanic Petrian church, as the latter were supposed to be the only “doctors”.
You see there a competition between scribes and therapeutae.
Incidentally, one commentator Mark at Gornahoor touches on something not unrelated.


I would like to move this to the new post, because EXIT makes a very interesting point. What I wanted to explain to you is that there is no “Western type”. We are as different as you and the Mongoloid peoples are. What I take issue with you is when you stated that the Western Tradition is Romanity. EXIT makes a good point that many of the Western types are not suited for Romanity. Again, you have to differentiate between the Greek and Italian for whom Christianity developed out of a dying paganism, and people like the Balts and Slavs for which Christianity spread by imperialism. To tell a Lithuanian that his Tradition is Romanity, when his country became Christian in 1387, and that he should like to the Romano-German knight as a noble ideal, when they were attacking his ancestors seems to be a bit of a problem.

For some, being an Edgelord is part of growing up; while for others it is a tragedy. Apparently there are brown people Edgelords too, and of all shapes, colours and opinions.
Nietzsche is seen as an edgelord, and he is. The term neutrally means that you are on the edge of ideas. The interesection or meeting of ideas, too. I have myself always been a sort of intersectional Right-winger. A tribalist globalist. A luciferian friend of Jesus.

I am not troubled by disturbed by Commies or hubristic “Nationalists” or “Christians” or what have you. — Any such people — on-line anymore. I know they can be reached via the heart. I make use of them to forward histori- & mythical points. Philosophia. & fun.

I frequent the blog because I enjoy it. I´ve enjoyed your posts e.g.
I drove off Knaphni once, but welcomed him back.
These are shown in dated comments.
War is the father of all things
Eros is a battlefield
Fight or die
Ride or
(I refer to spiritual deaths which come from not being honest. I wouldn´t want to see India sink into the sea altho it´s a large part of the “tide of color.” + I have friends there.)
[Some of the text above is adapted (edited, added-to, typos corrected, etc) and some of the text on racism is adopted from Evola. Veracity above authenticity. Truth above academicism. Worldly wisdom & workings above scholasticism. Tradition above traditionalism.]
Incidentally, I did address some of this recently:

G. Eiríksson Reply:

Now hold on, Indus Valley Civilization wasn´t founded by brownies?

You know that brownies have had Civilizations in pre-Aryan Greece? The Minoan.

Unless you have evidentialities shewing that they were leukodermic too.

I´ll grant that Wikipedia is not always neutral or leukojustic in these matters, but here they are, imo, [fair enough]:

▬ « After the discovery of the IVC in the 1920s, it was immediately associated with the indigenous Dasyu inimical to the Rigvedic tribes in numerous hymns of the Rigveda. Mortimer Wheeler interpreted the presence of many unburied corpses found in the top levels of Mohenjo-Daro as the victims of a warlike conquest, and famously stated that “Indra stands accused” of the destruction of the IVC. The association of the IVC with the city-dwelling Dasyus remains alluring because the assumed timeframe of the first Indo-Aryan migration into India corresponds neatly with the period of decline of the IVC seen in the archaeological record. The discovery of the advanced, urban IVC however changed the 19th-century view of early Indo-Aryan migration as an “invasion” of an advanced culture at the expense of a “primitive” aboriginal population to a gradual acculturation of nomadic “barbarians” on an advanced urban civilisation, comparable to the Germanic migrations after the Fall of Rome, or the Kassite invasion of Babylonia. This move away from simplistic “invasionist” scenarios parallels similar developments in thinking about language transfer and population movement in general, such as in the case of the migration of the proto-Greek speakers into Greece, or the Indo-Europeanization of Western Europe. »

It´s like this: Whites proper were ‘fresh’. They moved fast, learned fast, adopted fast.

They didn´t necessarily invent everything. They adopted manything.

They focused on war-technology. Military-technology.

Why not let the others do the boring??

Peace / amen / Salam
Jai. Hare Kali


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