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Yeah, it is most simplistically-rationally, indeed cladistically —scientifically conceived, as Bolshevism taken to its ultimate proportions. Neo-bolshevism. A silly monster, laughed at unless it gets power. Bolshevism always was technocratic, futuristic, scientistic, economist, & reshapist (“trans”humanist). Innocuously compare the well articulated and documented BBC documentaries by Adam Curtis with the with the documents and artifacts associated with Land… You will in the former perceive the bolsheviks—in their neo-religionist technocratist, indeed—technolust fervour—parading gigantic machines around Moscow’s streets, in the early or be it, for the pedants, mid 1920s, sort of reminiscent of Half-Life 2, incidentally; —and you will witness that they provided the progenitors to “AI” , the proto-computer Central Databank hierarchies ; also known as gosplan & gosbank … as innocuous and outdated as that may *sound* now … https://youtu.be/h3gwyHNo7MI

You’ll see if you drop all preconceptions and let Free Association of mental images, pattern recognition and cognition rule : the physiognomy of Bronstein Trotsky in astute correlation with the bug-faced hoarding-consumer archetypes of medieval premonitory literature & artwork (known in Buddhism as “hungry ghosts”) : indeed the sameness with the demons, the literature shewing quasi-pictographically the devil’s insatiable death- & disease-bringing satanic hordes, —the swarthiest-blackest nigeria afroloid insects.

Bronstein-Trotsky was a hoarder of gold ; a hoarder of massacre intensifications as well ; he is famous for having used communism-“illuminism” — indeed ‘socialist science’ — to bring down those who he had the most envy for ; those who had what he desired to accumulate or flatten down : — the Nobility, Religion and the Royal families. This he did to get the gold and human resources for his own bio-strata “peoples” hoard ; amusingly enough, satanically enough under the pretext of going against primitive accumulation (Marx).

Stalin somehow managed to get the better of him, as it were, and just turned it—(proverbially:) “the Central Human & Earthly Resources Harvesting Company” aka.—the Soviet Union—into Red Fascism in competition with the Blue Fascism of America,—lesser of two gargantuan evils— instead of the life-draining bolsho-bugfacism (no pun) of Trotsky the bug-face … » shape of the head and mandibles and size of the eyes » and the subtle antennae materially preformed but manifest in the subtle realm.

« There is a saying: communism is the bloodiest, most difficult and the most terrible way from “capitalism to capitalism.” The truth of this now appears to be proved by reality.

The representatives of the criminal powers who halted Russia’s development and threw the country into chaos have now themselves admitted that life was better in tsarist Russia than in the Soviet Union. As an example of this, a Soviet Russian head clerk in 1968 lived at a standard, which was only 18 per cent of that which a normal Russian clerk enjoyed in 1914.

It has also been calculated that a Russian labourer in 1968 lived at a standard, which was only half of his counterpart’s in 1914, even counting an inflation rate of 8 per cent per year. Even so, life in Russia was not so hard in 1968 as in 1991, the last year of Soviet power. Workers during the tsarist regime earned 30 roubles per month, teachers and doctors 200.

A loaf of bread (410 g) cost 3 kopecks, 410 g of meat 15 kopecks, 410 g of butter 45 kopecks, 410 g of caviar 3 roubles and 45 kopecks.

If we compare the conditions in the USSR with those in the West, we find even sharper contrasts. In 1968, the average standard of living in the United Kingdom was 4.6 times higher than in the Soviet Union. The figures are taken from Anatoli Fedoseyev’s book “About the New Russia” (London, 1980). »

Before that ousting by Stalin ; Bronstein Trotsky transported the gold he had amassed from the Russian empire, its nobility and bourgeoisie—amassed with his ultra-despotic insectoid alien no quarter rapist torturer terror tactics; —he used this gold & other resources as beast [sic] as he could, to, as ridiculous as it sounds, this is the best analogy : — further ant-colonise the world for the extraterritorial 4th layer insecto-economo race ( which apparently Alex Jones is, surprisingly enough woke on, perhaps to discredit, but have faith ) — beings which long ago have snatched Land’s previously gentile ango-brain — and are the biotechno materialisation of infernal (“intradimensional” or “telluric”) forces on earth.

If you wonder why the goyim keep making these alien Hollywood movies out of its id, it’s the hidden-to-themselves but very visible notion, indeed, motion ; process : of being harvested by occluded eldritch alien antilife almost mineraloid—forces. Of which, b.t.w. the ANTIFA are the most laughable rejected-by scum-froth dropplings, aside from liberals and politicians, who are as the putrid push of microbes even the devil’s most inner anus rejects out of disgust.

Marxo-Landism is accelerating the antihumanism-miningism or “mining process” in Disruptive-Destructive Creation soi-disant Capitalism to make one life-devoid Central Computer, to best economise this mining process in its hastening of the death of the universe—now euphemistically & neophillically named and marketed as the progress of techno-liberal society towards the goal of “AI”‘—, i.e. a dynamic-“databank” equational process (a 4th generation successor to to Lenin’s Central Bank) come to possess, perform, accumulate and absolutely suck dry, which has no need for personalities or differences between individuals, what it sees : the human commune : “all well,” “good,” is the propagated meme ; since it is, as it were : “privately owned.”

Incidentally— another tool:feminist ; referring to a parafemale creature so envious of the rational male, that it will sell its own life—, cf. “feminists” wearing hijabs to support Muslims→ to use Muslims as “anti-fascist” truly antihyperborean —most understandably:antiwhite forces→ to in turn maintain and accelerate the processes of xeno ant-colonisation of the terrasphere under the hybrid socialism-“capitalism” process, as it increases its irrational short-lived freedom through this, in turn, selling, sacrificing, the world to the delusion of being/becoming equal to the rational divine man. It does nothing but enslave itself for pure tellurian determinism, which ends in the death of all life in the universe (however fancily it be named as “computronium” or whatever — previously known as Utopia, “Heaven” , or “Nirvana”). It is simply the entropic process employing life-forms to get as far as it can, which is and will be ultimate complete death of the world— & obviously the death of all life, unless it is wittedly resisted.

It’s crisply classically conceived as a process for infernal beings (beings of the underworld, “Hades”, where the dead dwell) to harvest the life-force in humans. Not for their own good, but because they cannot do any better (they’re hungry ghosts, remember). They’re as good as a worm in your brain, a neurocysticercosis. But more lethal.

You’ll see that Land’s support of Bannonism and his idea Patchwork are the few ideas that do not exacerbate the malevolism described above, so there is still a anglo-purist somewhere inside him crying for life & liberty free of and over the xeno-insectoid life-enslavement determinism.

You have fought these forces a million times in video games, or as a spectator through the POV of the Character of movies and novels, you have seen them defeated. Now it is time for your victory in the new world : the real world.

Dr. Land is counting on you to restore his senses.

And the negroloid hordes, only used as voodoo dolls for Davos Man, now let loose on the germanic nations, America included, are waiting for you to set their spirit free through Racial Holy War. It is time to reverse the cross, ✞, to symbolize the raised sword. Deus vult.

First this, then Space.


You cannot deny Mankind the Emperor, He and the empire He has built are Mankind’s only chance of survival.
— Attr. Promeus, during a secret conclave of the four founders of the Inquisition, following the Emperor’s Ascension

Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean.


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