If atomisation is a breaking-down into down to the elementary, it is not a breaking-off, nor a breaking-through up levels (such as increased intelligence is). A breaking-down is a dissolution, fragmentation without a reverse. If atomisation is not a breaking-off (meaning here self-proliferation), or a breaking-through (meaning here self-improvement) it is not capitalism.

There are two modernities conceived. A Left-modernity and a capitalistic modernity. The former is miscalculation of living standards, and the proliferation of anything but healthy living. The latter is an increasing of the useful, the sane, the rational. The former is a chemical cancer causing bath, while the latter is the health spa that improves your health.

Capitalistic Modernity is only making provisional (providential) use of destructive tendencies, per case: from an over-view :  ad-hocfor a building-up. Leftism is making use of destructive tendencies for a tear-down. Capitalism proper increases wealth and social health. Capitalism subservient to leftism, is a non-factum

Primarily Identifying capitalism with the dissolutory—rather than the constructive, generative aspect—is simply falsifying capitalism as Yin over yang.

There’s nothing that equates capitalism with a death-spiral downwards to the sub-human elementary (inorganic strata) — except a tendency for over-individualisation.

A well-run business is a business with a healthy balance betwixt innovation and fortification.


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