When Christianity blossomed from its inherent seed of feminism, it became morally vacuous enough to be a type of Nihilism. Placing hopes in sentiment and faith without works.

As I’ve quoted a few times before, the Wikipedia article on Nihilism ▬ » The term nihilism was first used by Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi (1743–1819). ]…] A related but oppositional concept is fideism, which sees reason as hostile and inferior to faith. »

I wouldn’t say fideism is oppositional to nihilism, but that it’s a type of the same. It nihilizes rationality, places it as opposed to faith, when in fact correctly they go together. Faith, works and rationality. I.e. it says “rationality is nothing before Faith.” That strictly goes against the Roman conception, in which bonum fide is harmonious with rationality. The idea that Romans, the builder of aqueducts, roads and superior rationalities of laws, techniques and even war, were not rational is pseudo-intellectual. Fides was a Roman virtue, but it took dissolution to divorce it from Auctoritas, Veritas and Gravitas.


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