they point out, the value of a corporation as reflected in its stocks frequently goes up when production capacities are being scrapped. The lay-off of workers, or the rationalization of industries with the closures of so-called inefficient plants, are often accompanied by rapid increases in stock prices. Similarly, mergers and acquisitions often see the capitalized value of the combined firms go far above the number reached by simply adding their previous respective values on the stock market. These examples illustrate that the ability to accumulate is not primarily dependent on the capacity of production or more specifically on what is produced . It depends much more on the power a firm can exert over the market. In other words, Nitzan and Bichler argue that value as measured by overall capitalization is an expression of power rather than efficiency. For them, this inversion is the hallmark of capitalism, a system which has come to rely on the ability of capitalists to contain efficiency and economic progress. From this perspective, power under capitalism is based on sabotage


it struck me here at the last sentence the sameness of how modern females tend to operate, and how capitalist create a difference between themselves and others — through differential accumulation.
this has ancient roots. Caesar e.g. bringing the Celtic chieftain to his feet, in a ritual, is to signal virtus, power over the chieftain. it is to exhibit in a ritual the difference between them.
women essentially never became Christians. only the males became Christians, so now the women use the old ways to rule them.
women are essentially Marranos, conversos.
the Jews also use the old ways to rule. in fact, they never converted to Christianity.
this is why women like to be subtly offensive and to display libertinism. it’s a vulgar display of power. Pagan Rites.
it’s not about the offense and libertinism, as much as the differential display or the display of difference. if something else would have this effect, they would do that. this can be seen in how women adopted the act of smoking as a sign of freedom (power; autocracy, i.e. self-rule; nondomestication).
now women like to subtly humiliate men, for the same purpose. it’s again that infantile experience of power, which gives a supply for the inner Narc.
this is why women do shit testing. it’s differential accumulation.

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