that white people are the only ones to have done war, segregation, slavery, etc, and all sorts of pernicious acts in history which are actually associated with dozens of non-White civilizations (which people are largely ignorant of; even Africa had multiple empires of its own which whites had nothing to do with).
i’m a bit of a philosemite but i just gotta come out here about something that is all easily verifiable historical facts.  
this ideologi is simply a pernicious mania that has worked as background for the idea that whites somehow should be the only ones who shouldn’t have any intra-ethnic bonding or distinction. it’s a recent creation, this ideology, coming largely out of 60s America, but also out of “intellectual” France and from largely German Jews. this happens to be its historical genesis, largely, of this weird idea.
i’m sorry that the Jews in Europe had to take largely religious prejudice for centuries there, but enough is enough.
being racist against Jews is very stupid, because Jews are historical giants as achievers. but they are *numerically* *comparatively* greatly involved in this mania, of creating its ideology, from everyone from Marx to Boas, to modern NGOs that write exaggerated pieces on some very scary “White Supremacy” and ultra-evil White History that almost always leaves out anything that compares by non-white ethnicities, be it the Phoenicians, the Japanese (extreme torture science on the Chinese) or the Aztecs (bloodsports). it’s like they’re taking revenge for the centuries of hate some Christians gave them.
the Germans didn’t become manic about Jews out of sheer nothing. they’d just witnessed the takedown of their fellow European and nominally Christian nation, the Russians. it had been their neighbour for a thousand years ca. and it’s after seeing this, and hearing of the Red Terror there (which was largely orchestrated by Jews, as numerous sources in Israel confirm, about its secret police, the Cheka), as well as the presence of Liberal Jews (this is also a historical fact) in pacifist-message newspaper printing in Germany, as well as Communist agitation and organizing (Luxemborg, et al).

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