race zombie

the concept of ‘race’ is dead—it never should have entered mass consciousness anyway, at least not politically. never politically. but it seems to be impossible to kill it. it’s an extremely weird concept. it has so many variations. soon as almost all “white people” became ‘color-blind’ (quasi-literally) the topic took a flip and now the race warriors are not white racists like Nazis but people who say white people should *not* be colorblind, they should specifically see race and color, “but [that] they are the only ones who can be racist.” (so a paraplegic in wheelchair can be more racist than a rich black millionaire.) so the wypepo should both be racist and not. hahaha. it’s one of the most warped concepts around. it’s living an unlife. it’s undead. it’s become vampiric. it’s so misunderstood that it’s akin to Chaos itself. it used to be nothing but regional phenotypic differences. it used to be a rather plain science of sober scientists who used scientific methods to study phenotypical differences by region. that’s all it is. then it became Democratic. it became politicized, somehow. somehow it became nuts.
and it became a monster. it was then slain in a Great War, but rose again from the dead with many heads. a hydra. you slay one head, other heads arise. what.

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