“alpha” humans


“Adam ruins” is classic satire. Typically, but not always, and not in Adam’s case, the requirement for satire is humor.

His science isn’t incorrect. In wolves, “Alphas” are the heads of families of migratory wolves. The bonobos are our most closely related evolutionary cousins, and their hierarchies tend to be non-linear and matriarchal.

But so what? The common chimp is closer to the Bonobo than the Bonobo is to humans, and chimp societies do follow linear patriarchal patterns. The wolves must reproduce, and what do male cubs do? Either find females and bring them back to the group or become alphas by venturing out on their own.

Again, so what? The label “alpha” connotes to each species meaning relevant to that species. It’s the term used to describe the phenomenon that females of a species all tend to be most attracted to males of a certain type. Those males are considered “alpha”. This applies even in matriarchal societies — the alpha males are those that the alpha female chooses.

The “alpha” term doesn’t apply in groups where mate-selection is forced, coerced, or desperately driven. You can remove the relevance of the Alpha male by emboldening young females risk-taking and aggressiveness, by punishing male aggressiveness and risk-taking, and by removing cultural barriers that reinforce these behavioral tendencies…. exactly what the BluePillers and much of western media are trying to do in the name of ‘equality’.


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