cassiodorus quod libeta

«cassiodorus quod libeta» is the excellent work of one Matthew Smallwood, who we would call Sir, Educator & Bishop.

we copy here without permission, as an exemplar & incidentally for the sake of some preservation, and re-presentation the first poste of the «cassiodorus quod libeta».


Restoration: Greater than Renaissance or Reformation, because it includes them

Cassiodorus rebuilt Rome. He did it through education, because “the subtle rules the dense”. The Left understands this, which is why Marcuse wanted a “long march (like Sherman to the sea) through the institutions”. Along with clever men of resentment like Fanon, this was accomplished, and the Left took control of the “media” of the age, a mass media designed almost deliberately to facilitate a move to the “lowest common denominator” for the new men of the technical age. The logical obscenities which followed the Left subversion of entertainment, communications, and education will be lived through, personally, by all those privileged to be alive at this moment.

How could Christians have forgotten?

We, of all people, should know that “if the Truth sets you free”, a “lie will imprison your mind, and later, your spirit”.

Now we must recapture lost ground, for the Truth is murdered, imprisoned, and violated every day, on a constant and regular basis. We must recapture the citadel.

Some would have you believe that merely going to Christian worldview training is sufficient for the task.

I am sad to inform you that this is an impossibility.

Because antique Europe, the antique Europe that worshiped and exalted Christ, and whose love of beauty & truth & goodness gave a luster even to the very vices and sins of their time, is dead forever. At least physically.

But because the Spirit rules matter, this death is reversible.

It is possible, provided the reader makes an interior effort to purge his spirit of the dross of the Modern Times he lives in, and whose atmosphere has come to color and taint and subvert his judgement without even consciousness of this fact.

Capitalism, the Free Market, small government, property rights, and the Constitution are not enough.

Man has to be reborn.

Do you want to know your superiority over nature? See how much you extend or strengthen the faculties of the animals as you wish. You perfect, if you want, all substances; you are a king, you are an angel of light, or at least you should be. Do you know why the more elevated are the objects of your studies, the easier it is for you to make discoveries in them? It is because, like your spirit, they are closest to the truth. Hesitate no more. The sciences of the spirit are much more certain than those of matter. That is why all the sacred authors say the same thing; whereas the scientists of the lower order are all fighting amongst each other. Look even around yourself and at the simplest laws of the physical world. The astronomers predict the eclipses and revolutions of the heavens several centuries in advance; and they could hardly predict whether the weather tomorrow will be clear or cloudy. Man, be filled with trust in your nature and in the one who gave you thought. Let that faith not be a vague and sterile belief in vain doctrines. It is necessary for it to be active and swift like a torrent; but it is necessary that that torrent be inflamed, so that it can illuminate itself in your heart. The reason man carries his head in the skies is because he does not find here anywhere to rest his head. And why would he look here to rest his head? Doesn’t he cling to unity? And can unity find its rest in the order of mixed things? Soul of man, know the repose that is made for you. It is that which is characteristic of unity itself: it is to feel that you are separated from that which is disorder and corruption; it is to feel that you swim in freedom in the imperishable ocean of the light of order and life.
The  passages are taken from L’homme de désir (The Man of Desire) by Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin.

translated by Cologero Salvo

The Left was right about “regeneration” – they just looked for it in the wrong place, and went to hell, which is locked on the inside.

If you are willing to undertake this, you will rebuild Western Civilization, and will join men like Boethius and Cassiodorus on the last day. It will not be easy, because it demands a personal effort and change, first of all, and because it goes against everything that even “conservatives” embrace, since they are revolutionaries without even knowing it. This is the opposite of a Revolution. This is a Restoration. And it will begin when we embrace the “whole counsel of God”.

This blog will sketch the outline of that plan in Christian education.

[Here endes  sir Smallwood´s poste, which was originally posted the 9th of October, anno domini 2013, at hise site
we bid ye fare well.]