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This response to a quoted statement really stood out to me.

“I wonder what about his life made him like this?”


Simple. He’s been rejected over and over and over again, but instead of doing the logical thing and examining what he might be doing wrong, he assumes that his lack of romantic success is the fault of women as a whole homogenous group. The main issue with these guys is that they are way too proud and not at all introspective. When women face a lot of romantic rejection, they seem to have an easier time of examining themselves and trying to change things that may be hurting their cause. A lot of men, for whatever reason, reaaaaaaaaaally seem to fucking struggle with this.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. When men fail to attract women, often the first thing they look at is themselves. The Nice Guy is indoctrinated to believe that his behavior is correct in action. If anything, he double-downs on his attempts to impress women by being even more servile. In the Nice Guy’s world, women are angelic beings to be worshiped and adored.

The pre-RP anger phase that comes afterwards is what happens when he goes to all his female friends and BP guy friends for advice, yet continues to fail. Nice Guy now feels trapped. What’s he to do? All he’s been taught is to be obsequious, respectful, courteous, and helpful .

“I don’t get it!!! Why don’t women like me?!? I’m a nice guy with a good job and I’m attentive and courteous! I just don’t get it! They must not like me because they’re shallow. What else could it be?!”

At this point, Nice Guy has two options. Either search for a different solution going against every fabric of social conditioning that’s been instilled in him for the past 20+ years, or try the Nice Guy approach form a “different angle.” There’s an 80% chance he’ll continue to do what he’s doing, and a 20% chance he’ll do everything he was told not to do.


Ugly women on the other hand, tend to do the exact opposite of the Nice Guy. They don’t just blame the man first, they create an entire social movement around it. The reason why women tell other men “Just be yourself. The right woman will love and accept you for who you are.” is because that’s what often works for them. However, when this advice fails for the bottom 20% of women, the first thought to come to their minds is that men must be shallow for not wanting them.

“Why aren’t men accepting me for who I am? Just because I’m (Insert unattractive trait) doesn’t mean I’m ugly! Society needs to change their beauty standards! It’s what’s on the inside that counts! The real me!”

Some women, after going through this phase, will finally look to themselves for possible self-improvement. A lot of women, however, will remain in the blame phase. These are the female cock-blocks at parties, stereotypical feminists, and Desperate4Dick&Attention women.


vehm gericht

dear Lord von Smallglade,
just now i drove away an American from a community he joined 2011, but had marked his profile as stating his ethnicity is English and that his location is United Kingdom. I simply asked if he wasn´t an American in America, that was all that took for the Jew-obsessed man to cower away, shewing spite towards all the community.
weirdly this man, Jason Thompkins, writes & collects some of the best “Thulean” stuff.
but he errenously mixes it with the ersatz ramblings of a Chilean brown man, about the Brown Fascist Hitler and their insane anti-Semitism.
communities should not be based on lies, nor one’s standing within them.
such houses of cards cannot withstand caustic fire. Ar is Icelandic for
fire‘ — our is of that color — our mind be the color of the sky
vehm gericht

Neon Royal Atlanticism

Britannia 2.0 Says:

[Nick Land said]{ descent into spittle-flecked vulgarity seems to be a distinguishing characteristic of these ‘higher souls’ }
this is a documented phenomenon. M. Anissimov comes to mind. but as someone who´s been involved with HRx (before it got its name) for ca. 15 years, i have many experiences with the sort, from different places. i think it might be most succinctly summarized (excluding even more briefly ‘loserism’) in Ernst Junger´s saying: “there are always demons around fallen altars.”

simply said, ‘Historical rejects’, since their causes have lost battles, even century after century, even World Wars, the worse of them tend to be extremely sore.

the better of them however, are, genial.

examples are the Spanish losing their masculinity and degeneration into machismo after losing their armada, and not having yet recovered.

or neo-Feudalists or Catho-plebes not having recovered from a Jew, Disraeli, becoming the prime minister of the greatest empire. (greatest in size anyway.)

Fascism was an ersatz imperialism of this historical-reject sort. pseudoroman.

emotionally disturbed people may put on a face of Order (and even manage that for decades, while ultimately) leading all in a downwards spiral to chaos.


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Britannia 2.0 Says:

involved with hrx (before it got its name) for ca. 15 years

pre-MM HRx obviously. altho that´s perhaps more correctly said Rx then.

as for Fascism, it´s Leftist and anti-Reactionary (so far as the ‘Conservative Revolution’ was against it, and e.g. Evola´s).

does Fascism get an xo-nym? Fx? or does it have something already but i don´t know about?

personally, i´ve never viewed myself as a ‘Reactionary’ tho. nor do I now.

thus NRx so far as i´ve adopted, adapted or appropriated it means e.g. New Regal Attraction.
(or more vulgarly ‘New Regal Action’. cf. acting-without-acting. New Regal Axioms.)

i see it as a Mix of Romanity and Luthereanism, and Zionism, but mixed heavy with the wisdom & tech of the Orient.

which brings me really to the British Empire, doesn´t it?

add cyberpunk to the mix, and I say Britannia 2.0

indeed Neon Royal Atlanticism

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Britannia 2.0 Says:

m. anissimov comes to mind.

not that i have anything against the man. perhaps it was unworthy of me to mention it. he certainly has been more, as it were, measurably productive than myself.
i did not however like how he presented Evola´s ideas.
the latter´s most Modern werk is «Ride the Tiger»
and 99% of what is written about it by who
ever is purely offensive. vulgarized.
riding the tiger, as E. meant it,
is the “opposite” of HRx.
and even more the
opposite of

Evola suggested at least as early as 1927 an acceleratio.
that was in «Revolt Against the Modern World».
this is the nec plus ultra of new regal action.

i don´t know why i´d promote it tho.
i hate work myself. i´m a leisure
aristo-brat. a philo-sopher.
meaning i love wisdom.
i don´t like to manage
my accounts. $$$.
but i sure as hell
have ridden
the tiger.

phonies hate me.
but i done the
deeds. acts.
dark tao.



Neon Royal Atlanticism

Arcade Theology

it must´ve been none other than Karl Marx who created the, as it were, Theology of Capital. by reversing or “materializing” Hegels´s Theology of History.  yet Marx somehow also Created its opposite: mostly known as Communism. (just like who else but Christ set the tone who´s countertone was and is anti-Christianity.)

Take this to the post 1950 era and you start getting closer to Arcade Theology, of which´s chief transmittors, or at least influencors, can be none other than Nick Land (b. 1962), and William Gibson (b. 1948), along with countless fantasy and sci-fi authors. (but this is thoroughly serious business.) it is fantasy that is the mind of men, and the reason why e.g. in Iceland after the 2008 financial crisis, some bank employees commited suicide: fantasy. namely, Ideal. some cannot, or do not anyway, survive the crash of idols in their lives.

arcade (n.) Look up arcade at Dictionary.com1731 (as arcado, from 1640s), from Italian arcata “arch of a bridge,” from arco “arc,” from Latin arcus (see arc). Applied to passages formed by a succession of arches, avenues of trees, and ultimately to any covered avenue, especially one lined with shops (1731) or amusements; hence arcade game (1977).

it would be errenous not to include Walt Disney (1901–1966) and his imageneers along. (as some other NRx site has already documented: — Walt Disney as a Culture & Community Builder [but we were unable to find the post again thru a quick google].

Nick Land´s web-site Xenosystem´s comment sections often has imput of the sort of this current. overlapping with different music cultures such as mall-pop, elevator music, and of course: Vaporwave.

here´s some of our own theologizing, affilieated with NRx, but which we might call of ITx:


«traditioñ of spontaneous order»


JUNE 17´s


or more in human speak:




Arcade Theology

the aristo-brat

Firstly, I haven´t slandered you anywhere, you fool — you are pseudonymous — how could I even properly slander a pseudonymous person?
I think, however, that you have Internet forum community activities, and standing, with other anonymous video-game players. Then, also, e-mail & forum community activities and communal standing with Southern men, like Bruno Cariou & Toni Ciapo, the former re-presenting an ersatz rebirth of Evola, while the latter represents an ersatz rebirth of Guénon; all four Southern — French and Italian nationals, respectively — i.e. non-Nordid, & non-Frank.
And no. People who don´t know me personally but praise my intellect can not be doing so communally as that would require me to have a communal standing (or them knowing me personally, rather than professionally).
There are merely responses to, as it were, spontaneous sentences which I may through extramundane inspiration produce as answers to their questions in class and in assignments.
It´s simply that I am the smartest kid in the respective class (history, sociology, such classes), if I make some effort, and this was years ago anyway.
I´ve typically not formed communal bonds or personal relationships with teachers.
For someone who accuses me of projection, you sure project a lot, sir.
What you accuse me of, e.g. “communal” things, are I´d think, exactly your supposed “real-world projects.” (Working for the Man, building a career.)
You are exactly the case of why your scene is a litany of failure and pretension.
A bunch of proles playing video-games pretending they are Alchemists at Frederick II´s court, in between blaming “Jews” for everything, sweating over WW2 losses, watching Anime episodes and masturbating.
It only takes a survey of forums congregated by Fascist-apologizing types to see that they have the same irrational Jew-hating as you, with Anime “avatars.”
This is the inversion that has taken place, that the democratic-proletarian & communal forces (like soccer fans), which you belong to by birth and prenatally, call themselves and are even, by some, called “aristocrats.”
Guðjón Ólafur Eiríksson Öfjörð
Lækjamót 801, Selfoss
the aristo-brat

colors of Fascista

awe spoke in our previous post about Brown Fascists and Red Fascists. lest not forget Black Fascists. what´s the difference? Brown Fascists are Nazi or nazi-like. which means that they are like Mussolini´s but that they have more focus on their idea of ‘race’ & their Germanicism, the brown, the soil, of “Germania”, and the wooden “viking” craft. the overlapping coincidence is, that the Brown Fascists were the first to employ modern camouflage, which happened to be in the famous green and brown colours.   later militarists of all sorts, around the globe, adopted that combo of colors.

Black Fascists is a well-known phenomena. they are seen in Italy and in Britain, before WW2 especially, and can be described as Nazism minus Germanicism, or even minus race.

Red Fascists are Leninists and other Socialists, so far as they want to deploy violence, which includes, obviously, Maoists, et al. 


Strangely enough (to some), people that advocate for immigrant attack-against-inhabitants violence are thus Fascists; which does not come as a surprise if  one looks at the phenomenon of Third-Worldism




colors of Fascista


You belong in this in-box, slut-mom.

Do not worry about being a slut. All women, and men, are to different degrees sluts. cf. Dutch slodder: ‘a careless man’. English slut 15c: ‘woman of loose character’ or ‘a bold hussy.’

It is not necessarily incorrect to “label” you an “Esoteric” Hitlerist; as you have, according to documented knowledge, participated in such groups and workings. You may not worship Hitler, — although, actually I think you have done so in the past, at least, — but, in any case you have devoted much of your life to the admiration of a man (M. Serrano) who does [or, if you, like a Prole of the Soul, prefer, “did”] worship Adolf Hitler. So, as to label, because that is what a thinking mind does: you may at least be correctly labeled as ‘a person who admires an Esoteric Hitlerist.’ You are also recently documented as being an irrational anti-Semite.

That you appear to me as ashamed of that, or as denying it, is to me a testament of your psychology.

That was not the point any way, which you sidestepped with either your lack of discernment or your sloppy rhetoric. I will humiliate myself, and re-petition it.

  1. Woman [Hitlerist or not] who´d recognized me beyond the mundane in so many ways, was just the same as them all in this significant and fundamental regard.
    • This destroys the idea of so-called “absolute personality”, and so-called “true individualism”.
      • Having destroyed “absolute personality”, “true individualism”, “truly unique soul”, etc., it destroys the foundational ideas of Christianity and its out-growth: Feminism (altho the case is that Matriarchy came before before Christianity).

This is not about me individually, as what I work with are ideins already relayed by Philosophers preceding me. 

You were correct about: hyper-criticality. But then again you you don´t know what Criticism really means and is for. If you knew it, you would grow. I challenge people to see what their ‘core-persona’ is; or what they revert to. If you knew it, you would grow, or at least not try to count it as a character flaw (it is a strength).

What you say about what you refer to with the term “feminine side”, referring to me, is something already dealt with by people far superior in intellect than yourself; describing what I describe before we were even born.  I don´t blame women even. Firstly, blame is a low virtus. Secondly, women are not to blame. My views on this are the same as of any real Patriarchy in history. Which traded women as the baby-producing property that they are in this world, and were also in the West, until very recently. This being of of women is now virtually disputed because of an an ephemeral trend called Feminism. Simply, a heresy that will be put down, as it has been put down before. Simply this irreligion, the irreligion of viewing the woman as something other than a baby-producing copy-of-the-man-for-motherhood, is what is slowly, but surely, killing the Jewish & Aryan, or previously-Aryan West, but also e.g. Japan.

I will treat you rudely if you behave like that we “have equal abilities”, that we have “the same abilities”, or any such brute egalitarianism. I will keep a pathos of distance.

You try to paint this as only Arabs, but I literally have the ocean of 5.000 years of writing to shew otherwise: that this is also how both Jewish and Aryan peoples have done this for all of history. E.g. the women of a certain Gothic tribe had to hang themselves after the husband had died1, while in India they were burnt.2 I would probably not go so far.

He claims that the Herules also practiced a form of senicide, having a non-relative kill the sick and elderly and burning the remains on a wood pyre. Following the death of their husbands, Herul women were expected to commit suicide by hanging. With the ascent of Justinian, Procopius says that the Herules within the empire converted to Christianity and “adopted a gentler manner of life.”

This is not merely Arabs, nor did I state that I admire them, as you strawmanned me as doing.

I stated that I ‘almost’ envy them, and that is for having a functioning and expanding culture — apparently somewhat replacing Aryan or Western culture — because of the Arabs being a Patriarchy.