Why does blogging feel so … loserish?

Three Pound Brain

A mere eight years of writing is all it took for me to become phobic about the web. About  a year ago I made the mistake of clicking on this link to “nude footage” of some ESPN hottie strolling around naked in her hotel room, and God smote my computer with vengeful fury – fucked it right up, to be precise. For the first time in years I was without an internet connection, and I have to tell you, it was BLISS.

Problem was, everyone hated it but me. My wife hated it because I was using her computer and her email address. My editors hated it because having authors self-promote is the new deal. My agent hated it because my editors hated it.

But it was just so bloody cool, being locked up with my reading and writing, nary a soul looking over my e-shoulder. So bloody peaceful…


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Why does blogging feel so … loserish?

muh mod

Loser Reply:Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Pseudo-males, with an ersatz spirit, complain about the Jews,
want “White solidarity” (a huge general class that´s never
going to be solid). muh (“White”) Nationalism, pretend
to be NRx. Chads, pseudo-alphas, mockers, jokers,
get stabbed, lose power, derided by the Muslim,
for the better. Vain white man, riteless, spite,
Twitter popus, can´t hold the streets down,
fantasists, mere bulles, to be slayed &
drained, of their blood for the gods.


muh mod

Magicians of the Outer Right

rhythm, rhythim*

The Mitrailleuse

It’s a common error to think that mystics and magicians are generally liberals or leftists. At least in America.

Most Boomer Americans, monolingual, insulated from the rest of the world and from history, associate “magick” with hippies, the “60s”, Tim Leary, pot and acid, and sexual freedom. When they think about it at all which isn’t often, these days. Most younger Americans don’t think about it at all, being too busy sexting, face booking and in other ways competing for visible status. Ritual, programmed self-hypnosis and other inner work are less common now, since they don’t yield outward signs of wealth or cool.

At least not right away.

I don’t know as much about Europe directly, but my impression is that there’s bit more attention to these subjects still, especially in Eastern Europe, and across the age groups. But as a rapidly shrinking population of young people plugs in, turns on…

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Magicians of the Outer Right

By request of one cyber-philosopher, who´s nym de philosophi is «neovictorian23».

Who informed us in relation to NGE productions: ” Looking for more… ”


For lack of further NGE material, so far; we´d advise you to

1) David Myatt´s, et al., «Order of Nine Angles» omega9alpha.wordpress.com
2) Matthew «von Logres» Smallwood´s: cassiodorusquodlibeta.blogspot.is
3) Jason Thompkin´s «ArKrystosophy»: jasonthompkins.wordpress.com
4) Toni Ciapo´s, et al., «Gornahoor»: gornahoor.net & «MedTarot»
5) Bruno Cariou´s «Evola as he is»: evolaasheis.wordpress.com

We´d like to specially note that Matthew Smallwood is a good man, who is in another league than the others.

He´s not a plagiarist like me.😀

Nor a post-Nazi.


Signed, in the name of the Black Star

Guðjón Ólafur Eiríksson

ICELAND, xx16.